She Puts Green Glitter On A Mason Jar And What She Does Next Is Gorgeous!

So many beautiful DIY projects for Christmas decor and this is certainly one of them. What a great way to add some sparkle to your Christmas festivities!

Great for seasonal decor or cute gifts when filled with cookies, candy, and more. These work for many of your gifts, rather than use a box or a bag, so keep this in mind!

Mason Jars are the crafting rage …and I LOVE it! They are so cute and the ideas out there for dazzling up simple jars and decorating these classics are endless!

Used to,  I only used or saw Mason Jars at their best holding gorgeous food that I and others had canned. However, now you see them all over the place cuter than ever, and Tammi is sharing a very cute and festive Mason Jar perfect for putting candles in while gathered around with your loved ones. The candles really make these glittered jars sparkle on high beam!

I just love giving fun and simple gifts to my neighbors during the holidays, and we all love the all the brightly wrapped packages on Christmas Eve. These glitter Mason jars just add more sparkle to the big event!

Watch how Tammi transforms these into these beautifully decorated jars in her step by step tutorial.

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