She Puts Heavy Duty Double Sided Tape on This Mirror, But Why?

It never occurred to me that by using a simple product it could change the whole look of a room…it’s cheap too! This was such an easy project and you can do it in an afternoon…the results are BRILLIANT! I’m glad I ran across this tutorial because I would still be wondering what to do with this plain old mirror! I actually had some of this tile left over from the tile backsplash I did in my kitchen, so I didn’t have to buy anything but the double sided tape from Lowe’s. Now it coordinates with the tile I used and pulls everything together!

I originally saw a tutorial for a mosaic tiled mirror frame, but then I saw this one and it was a lot easier, producing almost the same result, so I went with it. It’s amazing how a little detail and color will make such a difference!

I am going to do the mosaic framed mirror, in some softer colors, for my bedroom, after watching the first tutorial. I just think it’s so unique and stunning! Now that I’ve done some remodeling in my bathroom, I’m all fired up to do another DIY! Guess that’s why DIY’s are so addictive! There’s just so many amazing ideas for changing up the looks of a home. I get really excited and pumped up about everything I’m seeing online and how clever people are!

Watch this step by step tutorial, even though the quality of it isn’t the greatest, you can still see what she does, so you can do the same thing to one of your mirrors!






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