She Puts Holes In A Mason Jar And Makes Something All Of Us Need!

This is a really easy DIY project that will take only a couple of minutes to make but it makes a world of difference and will definitely last a lot longer than it took you to make it!

I wanted to add some freshness to my cozy atmosphere. Yes, I could have purchased a plugin for this, or sprayed freshener every thirty minutes that. Not for me. I like to make things a little more interesting and try it myself.

Today I’m sharing a recipe for homemade air freshener/odor absorber…you will not believe how easy it is to make, and it seriously helps pull the odor out of the air in the stinkiest of rooms.  These are great for bathrooms, baby rooms (next to the diaper pail), kitchen, closets and anywhere you may notice moisture or stinky smells in the air! This is perfect for a teenage boys room!

After following this recipe that Aim To Create shares with you, just place one in your bathroom or any room of your choice!  It will not only leave a nice faint scent in the air, but the baking soda will also absorb any smell or moisture in the air as well!  Plus, it’s cute, and you can totally customize it with the paper of your choice so it will fit in with any room decor!

Watch the step by step tutorial attached below, so you will know exactly how to do this easy project and enjoy a nice smelling home!

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