She Puts Hot Glue On A Mason Jar, Then Takes Paint To Create This Genius Idea!

I think we all love mason jar projects! You can paint them, tint them, create light fixtures, apothecary jars and the list goes on ad infinitum! Always something fun to do with these little jewels, right?

She shows us 4 different mason jars that she’s decorated, giving a couple of them a great 3D look by using hot glue on one and puff paint on the other one. I especially love the white one she does…reminds me of old timey milk glass. I have so many fond memories of milk glass, in my Grandma’s home, growing up.

When she does the silver mason jar, she starts out by doing a “faux” itching on the jar, although you can do real etching, and she places the word “Love”, that she printed off her computer, inside the jar and traces it on the jar with a¬†pearl pen (or puff paint) because it’s easier to control than hot glue, finishing it off with a silver spray paint.

It’s really fun to do because you can get really creative with all kinds of designs.

She shows a lot of fun ideas on how you can craft with something as simple as the mason jars sitting in your pantry. Watch how she does this in her step by step tutorial!

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