She Puts Lace On A Mason Jar For A Romantic Effect Then What She Adds Next Completes It!

I just love doing this kind of post! It is so much fun to just get lost in the pursuit of simple handmade crafts. Just when I think I can’t possibly find anything new….I find dozens of ideas and then spend hours trying to decide which ones to use! I usually end up emailing them to myself so I won’t forget them!

A couple weeks ago, I bought two small shelves at an antique store, and I’ve been looking for something to set on them. I’ve got an abundance of mason jars laying around and of course some leftover lace from a sewing project. These would be cute for an outdoor event like a wedding reception; they’re romantic yet rustic. Or, you could use them as decoration on a table or shelf like I did! And, let me add, they are so easy. They probably took me 30 minutes total.

I put one of these in my bedroom and just a simple little lighted jar can create such a nice ambience and it’s so beautiful shining through the lace. There’s something really special about little lights when it’s dark in a room…it gives me a sense of peace.

These make really sweet gifts and you can go hog wild with all of the baubles and trims available to us.

Watch how Chris Lloyd does this in her step by step tutorial.


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