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She Puts Leaves On Mason Jars And Makes For Amazing Fall Decor. Watch!

Believe it or not fall is right around the corner and now’s a good time to start making some fall decor items. This is such an easy and beautiful DIY project…when fall rolls around you will already be prepared for it!

Fall means more fall crafts to work on! It’s the perfect time of the year to start some DIY decoration and other easy craft projects. I always take this time to find interesting DIY projects to keep me busy and prepared for the fall celebrations to come.

Or, do you have a fall wedding coming up? Nothing can be more popular than mason jars when it comes to DIY rustic and vintage wedding decor.  Mason jars make for really cheap, fun and easy DIY projects that just requires a little bit of creativity with old and new items.

This beautiful craft only needs fall leaves, Mod Podge, a sponge brush, and clean mason jars. Apply some Mod Podge on each leaf and stick them one-by-one into the mason jar. Make sure to stick the leaves in a layer and pattern to create a style. This easy craft may take a couple of hours to dry, but when it completely dries out, you can put candles inside and watch them glow.

Are you are considering incorporating mason jars into your wedding? These will be so beautiful sitting on the tables, with candles in them, for great centerpieces.

If you want to have your home looking like the season, make these fabulous candle holders for the fall. You and your family will really enjoy this DIY craft idea.

Watch how easily this gal with Better Homes and Gardens does this in her step by step tutorial so you can get started on your fall projects!