Saturday, December 2

She Puts Silver Plastic Spoons In A Cone Then Watch What She Puts With It. Amazing!

This two DIY projects are so lovely and elegant and who would ever believe she used plastic spoons to make something so beautiful?

After she puts the spoons in her styrofoam cone and tops it with a stunning silver star she makes another cone tree to go with it and these two sitting side by side are a sight for sore eyes! It looks like a winter wonderland!

Christmas is my favorite season and this is by far one of my very favorite Christmas crafts. It takes only about 30 minutes to make and costs under $10, maybe less if you have spoons and paint left over from other projects!
I bought a ton of plastic spoons and some ball ornaments from The Dollar Store and a couple of syrofoam tree cones from my local craft store. That, along with a hefty dose of hot glue and she transforms them into a magical Christmas display!
I love how they have a mirrored effect and reflect the light. This project was very easy and took very little time to put together.
It’s looking like I’m going to have a lot of silver in my decorations this year!
Watch how this lady with Momslife1011 makes these exquisite Christmas trees in her step by step tutorial.


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