Thursday, November 30

She Puts These Gorgeous Flowers On A Canvas And What She Does Next Is Stunning (Watch!)

Free People inspired DIY projects are always interesting and fun. That’s exactly what this is and I’m especially fond of one particular DIY project she does in this tutorial…the one involving these beautiful brightly colored flowers that will bring a little sunshine to any room!

I love flowers. They are one of the most beautiful things on the planet. I love how versatile they can be in creating with them. I’m always amazed at the uses of texture and color to create amazing images. For this canvas art, not only is the color variety amazing, but the way she cuts the flowers apart and uses the petals is brilliant!
Winter can be very gloomy, so bright spring like colors are a welcoming sight. Another welcoming sight would be to gift someone special with this beautiful piece that you can say you made especially for them! Wouldn’t you love to receive something this special from a friend? Spending a lot of money isn’t necessary when you need a special gift for someone and there’s much more value in giving something like this!
I’ve seen many other flowers on canvas crafts where flowers are glued to the canvas and then spray painted one color. It looks so rich! So many great ideas and this particular project takes very little time and money.
Caitlin Bea includes two other ideas in this step by step tutorial, but I was particularly fond of the flower project. Make sure to watch what she does!

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