She Puts Together An Exciting Valentine’s Day Gift For Her Loved One That’s A Lot Of Fun!

Most of us rack our brains trying to think of something clever to do for our loved ones for Valentine’s Day and I thought this was a brilliantly unique idea that LaMadelyn does in her tutorial. This can be a lot more exciting than a box of candy or flowers!

How much fun is it to fill up a box with fun things to surprise your loved one with? I just love this element of surprise! There are so many fun things that you can surprise your loved ones with…bath bombs, favorite candies, cologne/perfume, handwritten reasons why you love them, a great book, CD’s, meaningful trinkets or gadgets, and the list goes on and on! Just use your imagination when you’re thinking of what your loved one might like!

I’ve even seen people fill up a candy box (where chocolates go) with money and lottery tickets! Just think of what they love, but is one of their guilty pleasures that they don’t purchase all of the time.

Since last-minute gift-giving can be frenzied, it doesn’t have to be.  What I’ve come to realize is that the key to an epic gift is not in especially huge investment of time or money…but of the heart.

If you’re a fan of simple yet impactful gift ideas like the one LaMadelyn watch what she does in her clever step by step tutorial!

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