She Puts Upholstery Nails Into Leather And Wood. You Won’t Believe Why She Does This!

So many clever things to do with a mason jar and this one is particularly useful and pretty cool looking too! These can be used for a number of purposes, but the purpose she is specifically using them for is something we all need and can certainly use!

I’ve seen this DIY project done in multiple ways, but I specifically love the uniqueness of the leather look, don’t you? When looking on Pinterest, I saw this done on a large piece of weathered wood and it was hung on a bathroom wall with multiple mason jars for storing makeup brushes and other bathroom necessities in. Pretty clever!

I’ve also seen a lot of different ways to have herb gardens and they are usually in long strips with metal hose clamps holding them to the wood. I stopped on this tutorial because it looked different than the ones I’ve been seeing on Pinterest.

What a fabulous idea to have fresh herbs at your fingertips! They make such a difference in the way food tastes and what could be easier than whipping out this simple project? It sure beats the heck out of running to the store every time you need herbs!

Watch how she does this in her step by step tutorial so you can get busy with your herb garden!






Mason jar kitchen garden

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