She Really Needed One Of These, As Many Of Us Do, And Discovered How Easy It Was To Make (Watch!)

I was a very lucky girl at Christmas this past year and scored myself a 13″ Macbook Air. It was much needed since I’m getting more serious about my blogging now. Before that I was using a 6-year old Netbook I had really just purchased for taking to class in college. Let’s just say photo editing took a lot of patience on that thing.

So obviously I am very happy with my new laptop. which means, time for a new sewing creation…a new laptop case to all to my collection of bag patterns. Now that I can sew a bit, I refuse to buy things I know I can make for fraction of the cost.

I whipped up this super easy laptop case pattern that I thought I would share with you. This literally took about 20 minutes. I saw similar ones on Etsy for around $30! This cost me about $6 to make. I love how it turned out.

This case or sleeve is made with quilted cotton. Check out how to sew this gorgeous case as your next gift or to add to your collection of sewing projects.

Boat People Vintage shows us how to make this easy laptop case in their step by step tutorial attached below, so get one whipped up to protect that expensive laptop!


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