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She Recycles Old Jeans By Making These Super Cute Pillows. Learn How!

We seem to have an abundance of old jeans and I was looking for creative ways to use them. I love the way a favorite pair of worn-in jeans feels and I just hate to throw them away.

Last week I made a denim skirt with a ruffle at the bottom and this week I am making denim throw pillows.

Truth be told, this was the direction I was leaning for recycling my stack of old jeans. I have a couch in my living room that is a denim hue still sporting the original matching pillows.

Some eclectic pillow work is definitely needed there. And the jeans I have are in many, many shades of blue. This is one of the tutorials I used for making some of my pillows.

I don’t know about you, but my family is always looking for the TV remotes, so couldn’t wait to make these so we’d have a place to stash our remotes. I doubt they’ll stay there, but I thought we could give it a shot!

She actually uses hot glue to put these pillow pieces together and hand stitches the flowers on it to make sure they stay on. I actually sewed the denim together, rather than gluing them.

Watch how this gal with Ire Heart Crafting makes these adorable pillows in her step by step tutorial.