She Repurposes An Old World Globe Into Something Fabulous And Uplifting (Anthropologie Inspired!)

I’d been seeing painted globes on Pinterest lately and it got me thinking…hmmm…we have an unused globe just sitting out in our garage.
Then around the same time I saw this gorgeous decoupaged globe with a tutorial and that was when I came up with exactly what I wanted to paint on it!
Usually anything that is Anthropologie inspired is going to be beautiful and unique…which is probably the reason I was so drawn to this particular one. Anthropologie buys a lot of sweet floral designs to put in their store.
It’s amazing what people are doing with world globes…this is just one great example. After checking out Pinterest I saw globes transformed into lamp shades, globes cut in half and made into a potted plant container, clocks, food covers, bowls and the list goes on and on. I happened to pick this particular DIY project because I loved the colors she uses, along with the quote she included in this piece of art.
I noticed a globe painted very similar to this one on Etsy and the asking price is $200! There was another one on there for $215 and all they did was paint the quote “The World Is Your Oyster” on it! A place called ScoutMob is selling one, with painted writing¬†on it, for $275! This would be a great way to earn some extra money if you’re looking to make a little extra money!
Watch how BWithEmMarie makes this lovely artistic accessory in her step by step tutorial.

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