She Rolls Crepe Paper On A Wire And Watch What She Does With It!

I thought up this idea for these pretty plus simple spring/summer flowers, but I never got it made. I’ve had this cute little jar cut out since last year, and then it just sat.

I’m so glad I was able to finally get this summer paper flower bouquet put together. Plus, it’s a bouquet that won’t wilt or die. These look so cute sitting on a shelf with books and trinkets. They’re so easy and fun to make too!

With so many crepe paper flower tutorials available to us, you can put any kind of these flowers in your floral mason jar aquarium that you want to, or use the ones that she does in the tutorial at the end of this post.

These make cute little gifts for friends and they take no time at all to do! I am loving working with crepe paper to make new flower designs. The crepe stretches to form petal shapes and ruffled edges giving the paper flowers a luxe finish.

While I was making some larger flowers I ran across this cute tutorial and made up some of these smaller flowers to put in my mason jar. While I was making this, my little granddaughter was over and she wanted to learn how to do these, so we had a big time doing this DIY project! She took her mason jar, with the flowers, home with her. She was so proud of them!

Watch how Handmade4All does this project in their step by step tutorial.


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