She Scrapes Cheap Eyeshadow Into A Bowl, But What She Does Next Will Surprise You!

I would have never dreamed this was what she was making! I tell you, people think of everything! I was actually impressed by the end result! This is one of those things a woman can never have enough of, so this definitely caught my attention! I think the clever thing she does with this lip color is to put it in a repurposed nail polish bottle, to make the application easier.

I could just go wild creating different shades of lip color with this new found way of making it! You can definitely make a one of a kind lip shade with this concept. This has been a fun, and kind of messy project, but the end result was worth it! My daughter and I did this together, so it was great Mother/Daughter time for us. We both got really tickled because we had lip color all over us! We were pretty colorful!

I’ve seen tutorials where crayons are used to make lip color, but I hadn’t seen this one. I had all kinds of eye shadows that I’d never used, so I repurposed those. I also had some chapstick, so all I had to buy was some cheap lip gloss to make this. I used more chapstick when I made mine because I prefer a more mat lip color. Although, the shiny lip colors are beautiful! Oh, and I also had tons of old nail polishes, so I just cleaned out the bottles and got busy!

Check out this step by step tutorial by Karina Garcia so you can get busy experimenting with your new lip shade!




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