She Sews 2 Pieces Of Fabric Together…What She Makes Is An Item We All Need And Use

These are so quick and simple to make.  They make great gifts for teachers or work colleagues at Christmas time, and are also a nice little thought for a sick friend, or someone who is going on vacation….and birthday gifts!
Scraps of bright print fabric are perfect for hiding unsightly tissue packs. Make them to match your room, your car, or your office.

Not only are they practical and useful; they’re adorable! The beautiful coordination of  fabric designs for each holder adds to the simplicity of making them

Don’t worry about having great sewing skills. If you can sew a relatively straight line using a straight and zigzag stitch, you’ll be all set to go!

I’m notorious for carrying kleenex packets in my purse and inevitably they end up ends up falling out of the plastic holder and are mangeled and at the bottom of my purse! Since I’ve had my little fabric tissue holder, I haven’t given away whole tissue packets, nor has it ended up messed up at the bottom of my purse! Issue solved!

Watch how ArtsAndCrafts4You makes these in her step by step tutorial so you can start making them too!

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