She Sews 3 Layers Of Squares Together And What She Does Next Is An Amazing Decor Item!

I really love anything that is made this way. We usually see soft fluffy quilts made like this, but today I’m sharing a different item made with this technique and you’ll have to make some of these! They are super easy.

Quilts that are made like this are my favorites, but I hadn’t seen pillows made like this and I absolutely love them! The cool thing about rag quilting is that they look even better after they’ve been washed a few times. It really brings out the raggy effect, which is the thing that appeals the most to me.

These make great soft throw pillows. Make a few of them and pile them on a chair, or bed. They are so pleasing to the eyes and you can’t help but want to touch them when you see them.

When my daughter was little, my Mom made a denim rag quilt for her and it was her favorite blanket. She still has it today and it’s become even more priceless to her. After that, Mom ended up making one of these for all of her grandchildren. I guess it was her tradition. What she does for one grandchild, she does for the other ones. So sweet!

Watch how this lady with So Sew Easy makes this fabulous pillow in her step by step tutorial and get started making yours!


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