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She Sews A Beautiful Poinsettia To Put On An Item That Brightens Her Holiday Decor!

We all associate Christmas with brightly colored poinsettias and this is a fabulous way to brighten up your home decor with this beautiful item!

This DIY project is a great example of what a few dollars and a moment of your time can produce. Everyone loves a great Pottery Barn inspired craft.  I know that I do, especially when I can make it so much cheaper than buying it from them!

I am absolutely in love with this pillow and made a couple of them for my sofa to display for the Christmas holidays.

I determined last year that I would make my own,  but the busyness of the season got in the way.  Does that ever happen to you?  I even went out and got all the materials and they’ve sat in our attic for a year.

So I determined  that I would make my precious poinsettia pillows this year.  I finished them late last night.  I’m so pleased with how they turned out and excited to have them displayed on my sofa.

I actually love these more than I love the real plants sitting around my fireplace hearth. The great thing is that I can pull them out every year and enjoy them during the holidays!

Watch how this lady with AmazingWomensWorld makes this beautiful pillow in her step by step tutorial.