She Sews A Vintage Inspired Item With A Twist — We Can All Use

We always did a pretty fancy Thanksgivings and Sunday dinners at our Grandmother’s house growing up.  One of my favorite parts was helping to set the table the day before before the main event.  Mom would bring out her china, polish the silver, and iron the linens.  She must have washed all the linens first and then set about to iron because I loved watching her transform things from wrinkly lumps to beautifully pressed fancy linens.

My favorite by far was the fabric dinner roll holder. I had forgotten about this until I found one at an antique store and bought it up quick.  I used it as a template to make my own.

I love the thought of taking these full of yummy homemade dinner rolls as a hostess gift.  Actually, I would probably just make a cute roll holder and buy some dinner rolls!  These also make awesome gifts for friends an family. Everybody loves these, especially since these have a solar fabric sewn into them to keep the rolls warm!

You don’t ever think about needing one of these until you have a family dinner and want to keep your rolls warm, so now’s a good time to make one so you’ll have it the next time you need it!

Laura Coia, with Sew Very Easy, shows us exactly how to make this in her step by step tutorial, so watch how she does this cool basket to keep your rolls warm so you can make one too!


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