She Sews Fabric Pieces Together And The Next Thing She Does Will Amaze You!

If you can bring yourself to part with them, these make excellent gifts.  Not one person who has received one from me has been disappointed.  The only issue is trying to keep other people’s hands off it. It’s a gift loved by all.

When I was a little girl, my Mom had one of these and just seeing her make this one has brought back fond memories of my Mom at the sewing machine, making clothes for me.

The unique thing about this pin cushion is that it looks like a mini-tuffet and it’s so cute! The great thing about this DIY sewing project is that it’s so easy to make.

This cute pincushion is a great project to showcase your favorite fabric scraps. Whether using a monochromatic color scheme or a full palette of colors, it is sure to brighten up any sewing space!

I love the way she puts little legs on this pin cushion. I’m sure that you could also use round beads or anything similar and some hot glue if you want to add legs to yours. It makes it look more like a mini-tuffet this way!

Watch how Laura Coia, with Sew Very Easy, makes this darling tuffet style pin cushion in her step by step tutorial and you can get busy using up some of your favorite scrap materials!


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