She Sews Scallops And Attaches It To An Item We All Use And Need!

These are fabulous gifts for house warming and wedding showers. I’ve already made up several of these and plan to give them as gifts to some of my family members this coming holiday season.

I’ve made some of these for my kitchen and they are so lovely. They seriously make a difference in the way my kitchen looks by just hanging there and looking pretty. Amazing how something so simple can brighten up a space.

After making up a bunch of these for gifts, I decided I wanted some bath towels with scalloped edges too, so I used the same idea to embellish them and they turned out beautiful. They add a nice pop of color in my guest bathroom and I love it.

With all of the beautiful fabrics available to us these days you can make some really gorgeous tee towels and they look even prettier when you embellish them with some cotton lace.

Also, if you’re really ambitious, you may want to make a bunch of these up and open an Etsy store. I’m sure that sales would be great, since there are a lot of women who can’t even sew on a button!

Watch how this gal with Fat Quarter Shop makes these darling tee towels in her step by step tutorial so you can get busy making gifts for the upcoming holiday season!




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