Thursday, December 7

She Sews This Amazing Headphone Case And Makes Her Life So Much Easier!

Since I live in Texas a hands fee law that passed and you can’t talk on your phone without headphones or putting your phone on speaker phone. Since this law passed I’ve been trying desperately to keep up with my headphones and/or keep them from getting all tangled up in my purse!

Ok…so I have serious issues with headphones, if they’re not getting tangled up in my purse then I’m constantly losing them so I thought it would be a great idea to attach them to my keys… which I also tend to lose… but I lose my keys less frequently than my headphones so I’m sure it’s still a good plan.

I’ve had to buy several headphones because they have gotten destroyed floating around in my purse. When I saw this tutorial I was on it right away! I now use a little zippered pouch to carry around my earbuds since they are the fancy microphone ones and I don’t want them to break or get tangled.

Some of you are looking for some small, simple gift ideas. This is definitely simple to make, and a little more fun than the typical rectangular zippered pouch! I can see these as the perfect gift for teenage cousins or nieces or girlfriends or even teacher gifts. Fun, quick, and cute! It doesn’t take very much fabric so you could even use scraps! Sometimes I have the perfect fabric for something but I only have a fat quarter (18″ x 22″), or I want to make something extra with the leftovers from another project. This is perfect for that. You could even use 5″ squares!

This is a very basic zippered pouch, so hopefully some of you beginners will try making one! Watch how this gal with A Pinch of Dainty makes this life saver in her step by step tutorial!

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