She Sews This Fabric Together, Adds Trim, Then Next She Makes An Item All Of Us Need!

If you are new to sewing or looking to learn, many of the sewing patterns, projects and blogs out there can be intimidating to start with.  Get you sewing muscles exercised and your foot at the sewing machine peddle with this easy sewing project!

I must confess that I’ve never made one of these, nor had one and actually should have done this before now. Dust and fluff can cause havoc with the internal workings of your sewing machine, so always try and cover it, or keep it stored in a cabinet.

Whether you have the best sewing machine or the worst sewing machine, they all should have a cover.  Dust, bugs and who knows what else could hit your machine and goo it all up.

A sewing machine cover is something you can easily sew up yourself.  You can even customize it to the size of your machine, add pockets, quilt it or just make it plain and simple.

Most sewing machines come with a plastic cover, which is great– but they aren’t so pretty.  This sewing machine cover that Laura, with Sew Very Easy, makes is rather stunning and her step by step sewing tutorials are so professional, so watch this one and get your sewing machine cover made!

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