Thursday, December 7

She Shares Some Brilliant Tips For Getting Kids To Clean Up After Themselves. Watch!

It’s always so much easier to get your children to pick up after themselves when you take the positive approach and make it fun.

This gal has got the right idea on how to get her children going and they can actually have some fun cleaning up!

She shows us 5 tips to encourage your children to pick up after themselves and that will definitely cut down on the amount of work you have to do. The most important thing is that it teaches them some responsibility.

She turns cleaning up into a game by using an hourglass timer and some other great tricks, which I think is brilliant. Believe me, when the hourglass starts they start hustling too!

When children have their own little special tools for cleaning it makes them feel important, therefore making the task of cleaning up more exciting. You can even decorate them to make them more special.

My 3 grandchildren make the biggest messes of any children I’ve ever seen and they have been really bad about picking their things up after playing with them. My daughter tried everything. I sent her this video and she figured she didn’t have anything to lose. Guess what? It’s working!

Watch this video by WhatsUpMoms and get some great tips for getting your kids to participate in cleaning up so you don’t have to do everything by yourself.



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