She Shows How To Perfectly Make a Bed, Fast With Easy Tips. Watch!

You may think you already know all the tricks to making a bed correctly and fast, but you might be surprised after watching this video. I know I was and I actually learned a few things. This is why I chose to share this with you today.

She shows us how to make a “hospital corner”. The corner’s are the most important part. Before I saw this tutorial, I was constantly waking up with the corners pulled out at the bottom of my bed, ultimately ending up with the sheet coming untucked. I don’t sleep well if my sheets aren’t tucked in good.

Before seeing this, my feet always ended up getting cold. Although I have a bad habit of sticking my leg out and over the sheets when I first go to bed.

I think the thing that I was most impressed about, and definitely learned was how she put the pillow case on. How clever is it to start off with the pillow case turned inside out and pulling it over the pillow? This would have never entered my mind!

I always make my bed as soon as I get out of it in the morning…it’s a habit I got into a while back and it just makes me feel better, plus it’s so nice to have a made bed to plop into at the end of the day.

Watch how Rebecca Brand cleverly makes a bed in her step by step tutorial, and learn some quick and easy tips!


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