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She Shows Some Incredible Organizing Tips For The Kitchen (Watch!)

Ok, I made a huge mess in the kitchen, but it was for a great cause. I got a few things right, but not all. Since I’m all about efficiency and organization, it seemed nuts that I hadn’t fixed the problem areas. If you’re in the same boat with scary things happening behind cabinet doors, Nikki has some ideas for organizing your kitchen!

The one thing I had the hardest time tackling was the cabinets that had the bazillion plastic containers I’ve collected for storing food in! Every time I would open the cabinet with them in there, I would slam it shut really fast!

I seriously wanted to hunt Nikki down and hire her to organize my kitchen! It was so overwhelming, but I can’t tell you how much better I feel after doing this! It has saved me so much time and have much fewer headaches. It’s amazing how good I feel when I go into my kitchen and pantry now. I must say that when all is said and done, it was certainly worth it!

Now I don’t hesitate when opening cabinet doors, for fear of what’s going to fall out…embarrassing, yes, but I don’t have to worry about that anymore…thanks to Nikki and her brilliant ideas!

Watch how Nikki, with AtHomeWithNikki organizes her kitchen and all the great tips she has!

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