Thursday, December 7

She Shows Us 7 Easy Way To Make Your Home Smell Fresh And Clean!

This clever gal with Clean My Space shows us 7 great ideas for making your home smell fresh and clean and we all love a nice clean smelling home!

I honestly don’t care if it’s the holidays or not, I just want my home to smell amazing. But I’m not always a big fan of scented candles; yes they’re nice, but if there’s a super cool and easy way I can make my rooms smell like Christmas or some fancy spa, I’m all for it. And that’s why I found some awesome smell tips that will make your home smell great.

Just one of her great ideas is making up a mixture of citrus and spices, which is why I love what she does in this tutorial. The mix of the oranges, cinnamon, cloves and vanilla will help kill off the odors in your home and make it smell heavenly. So if you want a bit of spring fresh goodness in your house, then try this one out.

I’m a Realtor and like to do this when I’m having an open house. Many times I’ve made cookies at my open house, but this smell tops the smell of fresh baked cookies!

Watch all of the great tips that Clean My Space does in this step by step tutorial to get your home smelling fabulous in no time!



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