She Shows Us A Brilliant Solution For Making A Dress That Is Too Short Longer. Watch!

Have you ever had that favorite dress that shrunk in length, maybe it seemed longer in the store, or we grew, or we just got older and more prude.  In any case, there is a solution!

This quick and easy DIY hack can make a world of difference for ill-fitting or rarely worn pieces you can’t throw away but can’t quite wear.

We all have a dress that we love but that’s just too short for work/public. This gal shows us a way to save the dress that you love and what she does is quite clever. I actually like the dress more after she does her alterations!

Don’t be afraid to add a coordinating accent to the top of the dress, the way she adds the strappy bow to the back of this dress and pulls the whole look together.

Some people add lace to the bottom of dresses that are too short. There are several tricks you can use to keep from discarding our favorites.

I saw, on Pinterest, where a gal had a turned a dress that had gotten too short, into a peplum, which I thought was pretty clever!

Watch how this gal, with Sew Aldo, changes up this dress in her step by step tutorial so the next time you find that your dress is too short, you’ve got a solution!



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