She Shows Us A Creative Way To Add A Splash Of Color To Your Fence. Learn How!

This is a magnificent way to add some charm to your backyard and it’s incredibly easy to do. It’s amazing what a difference a little color can make!

What’s really cool is the way the light hits these colored marbles and shines through, giving it a stained glass effect. Of course I had to do this brilliant DIY project right way… I just love it! I wish I’d done this sooner. It’s so darned cool looking!

Turning your old boring fence into a work of art is something I’ll bet hadn’t occurred to you. The good news is that it doesn’t take much to do this!

When my neighbors came over for barbecue this past summer they were really impressed and wanted all the details about how to do this. I  was happy to send them this tutorial.

I noticed some fences done this way, on Pinterest, and some of them had different designs in them, so feel free to get even more creative with your own special designs. One person did a cross in their fence and it was beautiful. Check them out on Pinterest for more ideas!

I put marbles in my fence in  places all over each board because I wanted a lot of light to come through.

Watch how Homestead Survival does this amazing fence in their step by step tutorial. Get started pressing marbles into drilled holes in your fence for some great pops of color!





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