She Shows Us A Super Easy Way To Add Raw Edge Applique Patches To Quilts And More!

Not only is this a great technique to use on quilts, but it looks fabulous on wall hangings, placemats and pillows. I’m sure there are many other items I’m forgetting to mention.

I love the way raw edge quilt applique patches look after they’ve been washed a few times. The way the applique frays around the stitching is such a great shabby chic look. This technique adds a lot of charm.

Amy Gibson shares her favorite tips and tricks for adding raw edge applique patches to quilting projects, but this technique can be used on many other projects. Raw edge has a great look and is the easiest to do.

Any simple design or shape works for raw edge applique and I find that freehand works too. There are so many fabulous and fun DIY projects on Pinterest where people have done raw edge appliques on different items and you’ve gotta check them out!

Watch how Amy Gibson does this raw edge type of appliques and she has some tips and tricks for doing this in her step by step tutorial.

The block in the video is a free pattern available at (click on the Sugar Block Club).

Photo Credit: imgfave


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