She Shows Us How to do a Messy Sexy Hairstyle in Only a Couple of Minutes!

Zoella and all her fabulous energy shows us how to do this hairstyle that we’ve been wondering how to do. It’s so simple, but if you’ve been wondering how people achieve these results, like I was, she’s ready to show you!  This is a great hairstyle for the hot weather and looks really dynamite and classy!

When I was trying to do the messy bun the part I was missing out on was the extra hair tie! I kept trying and trying and all I ended up with was a smooth small bun and I looked like an onion head!  I was so aggravated! Now that I’ve watched Zoella do this I’ve finally got the look I was trying to achieve! Although I leave some loose tendrils hanging down for a little more of a messy look. I love it and have gotten some compliments and questions from my friends asking how to do it.

My daughter and I watched this tutorial and she’s been doing this to her hair, due to this hot Texas weather, and I can now see her lovely face! This hairstyle has saved both of us from the awful heat, since we both have long hair and just pulling it back was getting boring.

Watch this cute tutorial so you can get that look I was trying to get! Make sure to SHARE this with your friends on Facebook too!


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