She Shows Us How To Make Easy Ornaments By Curling Wrapping Paper and Putting It Inside Clear Balls!

These are the easiest ornaments to make and they’re quite eye catching and unique! They are something fun to make with your kids too!

I had a lot of wrapping paper left over from paper I saved from last year. So I figured I’d put those pieces of paper to use in an ornament, since I had a clear glass ornament and needed something to fill it up with. I just love the way it turned out, so I bought some more clear ball ornaments to make some more!

First, I sliced the paper into strips of varying width. Then I rolled the strips into little spirals and slid them into the neck of the ornament. As I rolled up the paper, I mixed up the sizes that I put in…sometimes very thin ones, sometimes wider strips. Once the ornament was full, I put the lid back on and hung it up.

I love how many dimensions this has – there are so many things to look at inside the ornament.  It’s simple to make using any festive paper you have laying around… scrapbook paper, wrapping paper, cards….

Watch how Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland makes these cute ornaments in her step by step tutorial. They’re so easy!


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