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She Shows Us How To Make The Most Awesome Gingerbread House (Watch!)

Don’t feel overwhelmed! Making a gingerbread house is really easy if you follow Montreal Confections tutorial.

With Thanksgiving behind us and December on its way I am ready to be in the holiday spirit. Nothing is more festive than gingerbread houses.

I made gingerbread houses as a kid and last year I made a few base houses for my nieces and then let them decorate themselves with candy and icing on Christmas Eve. It is a really fun and easy project.

I can’t imagine celebrating our Christmas without a gingerbread house. I’ve been making the same gingerbread house for years now and I’m starting to think it needs a little renovation. I would probably have needed a little more creativity if I wanted to do it 10 years ago, but with the power of the internet, it’s as simple as a single click. So if you’re also in need of cool and fun gingerbread house to try this season check out this great tutorial!

My grandchildren and I made a gingerbread house like this for this holiday season and we had so much fun! I love making sweet memories with them. We had such a grand time and they were so excited. They ate a lot of candy too, but don’t tell my daughter!

Watch how Montreal Confections makes this fabulous gingerbread house in her step by step tutorial!




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