She Shows Us How To Make The Ultimate Adorable Felted Schnauzers!

Have you ever felt stunned when you saw those cute, realistic creations which are made of wool, or pinned a lot of needle felted crafts on your Pinterest boards? Well, I have.

I went crazy over these little felted Schnauzers! I’m a huge Schnauzer lover and own two Schnauzers as well. I usually love anything that relates to them!

My favorite part about felting is the huge array of possibilities it offers. You truly can make anything you dream up. With needle felting I can create a sculpture but have perfect freedom to mess up, add wool, or pull it off. I have never had to abandon a project because it was unredeemable.  Every felt is a good felt!

These are the most adorable lifelike little creatures I’ve ever seen and you can make your favorite animals to enjoy in your home for a lifetime! This is such a fabulous DIY project for gifts, and, with Christmas coming up, you can get busy now and give the ultimate present to friends and family members!

I just love watching people’s faces when they receive one of these little jewels. I can’t think of anything more unique and fun to give as a gift!

Watch how Bubsbeauty makes these precious little critter in her step by step tutorial!



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