She Shows Us How To Preserve Those Beautiful Flowers You Receive On Special Occasions!

You spend a lot of time AND money on your wedding flowers…wouldn’t it be awesome if you could at least preserve your wedding bouquet? Well, you can!

A lot of brides want to preserve their wedding flowers. While this is a great way to preserve your gorgeous wedding bouquet in a sentimental way that will also look amazing hanging in your home, it IS expensive.  Here’s how to make this amazing framed (and freeze-dried) wedding bouquet. There are other options and you can decide how you want to preserve your wedding bouquet (and how much you want to spend).

If you plan on preserving your wedding bouquet in a lovely shadow box, you’ll want to make sure it doesn’t get damaged. So, in lieu of using it for the bouquet toss, use a less expensive bouquet of flowers to symbolically throw instead.

This is such a simple and easy way to preserve flowers, whether it’s a wedding bouquet, flowers from another special occasion, or just flowers from your flower garden!

She uses a product called Silica Gel…this is the same product that comes in all kinds of things we use. You might remember these little packets that you’ll see in new purses, shoes, and all kinds of products that you buy.

Watch how Monkey See preserves these beautiful flowers in their step by step tutorial and save those flowers from your most special occasions!

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