She Shows Us How To Sew Fake Pleats And What She Makes With Them Looks So Chic!

This is so beautiful and incredibly easy to make, since the pleats she makes are fake! Although you’d never know it to look at what she does.┬áLove this one!

Rather than use solid colors in the same shades, like she does in her tutorial, this looks great by using different prints, so keep that in mind for a different look.

If you want a Pottery Barn look you could make the pleats with a solid colored beige or neutral linen and get that rich look that linen brings to decor.

If you ask me, pleats trump ruffles every time. You get a more contemporary look with pleats.

I had never seen fake pleats, so this was a new technique for me and it was quite a bit easier than doing actual pleats. My pillows turned out great and I love the way they look on my sofa!

My daughter liked my pillows so much that she asked me if I’d make some for her sofa… I did and she loves them. After all, what are mothers for?

Watch how Jenny does this fake pleat technique in her step by step tutorial so you can get started on making yours.


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