She Shows Us How To Unshrink Those Clothes We Accidentally Put In The Dryer!

I think we’ve all accidentally put a wool sweater, new pair of jeans and other clothes into the washer and/or dryer that we didn’t mean to. If you think they’re ruined and put them in a bag to take to the Thrift store, get them out of that bag right now! They can be saved! Jillee, with One Good Thing by Jillee, shows us how to un-shrink them…yep, you heard me right!

A friend of mine wore the cutest wool sweater the other day and I commented on how much I liked it. The next thing I know she posted on Facebook that she washed it and dried it in the dryer and posted a picture of it…a couple of sizes smaller! I had some good news for her and sent her this tutorial! I’m sure I’m her hero right about now!

What Jillee does to un-shrink her favorite pair of jeans, her husband accidentally put in the dryer, is so simple. It’s hard to believe that soaking her jeans in 1 capful of baby shampoo and water is the secret! It relaxes the fibers of the fabric when soaking. She rinses them and then she rolls her jeans in towels. After that she gently starts stretching the fabric lengthwise, making them longer. She lets them dry flat.

After they dry, she tries them on, and voila! They are the length they were before they shrunk! Just like new!

Watch how Jillee does this in her in her step by step tutorial so you can get busy un-shrinking your favorite article of clothing that you accidentally shrunk. Oops!


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