She Shows Us Some Awesome Gift Wrapping Ideas (Watch!)

I am sharing a few of Sarah’s (SarahBeautyCorner) gift wrapping ideas and they are so unique and fun!  She does some eye catching decorations on her Christmas gifts! These are easy ideas for simple gift wrapping and the receiver will be excited about how cool their gift looks before they even view what’s inside!

It’s hard to deny that a beautifully wrapped gift, sitting under the tree or anywhere else, brings a certain pleasure. But it’s also hard to justify spending a lot of money on gift wrap when you know it’s just going to get torn up and thrown away in a few days. That’s why I’m sharing these inexpensive DIY gift wrapping ideas — ways you can make your packages look like a million bucks without spending a bunch of money.

Plain white paper feels extra special when dressed up with fancy string, or in this case she’s used colorful rubber bracelets and in another one she used colorful cupcake holders stacked up and spread out in place of a ribbon…watch the clever things she does with these presents! I especially love the Santa she makes on the brown paper with the cotton balls!

It’s pretty cool to be able to use a lot of things you already have around the house to decorate packages. You’ve just to use a little imagination!

Watch how Sarah fabulously decorates these presents in her step by step tutorial and get busy wrapping those gifts…making them beautiful!






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