She Shows Us Some Brilliant Tips And Tricks For Table Decorating That You Won’t Believe!

This gal has some great holiday tips and tricks that are so easy, yet extremely beautiful. It’s amazing to me the incredible things that people think of and I’ve gotta say that these are some clever DIY’s!

I think her upside down wine glasses filled with ornaments and topped off with candles on the flat end of the stems (as pictured in this post) are remarkably brilliant! It never would have occurred to me to do this simple project.

We all love for our homes to sparkle and shine for the Christmas holidays and with all of the fabulous DIY’s available to us, there’s no reason to go out and break the bank to have extraordinary decorations for the holidays. This lady has certainly proved that with the cool DIY’s she shows us in her tutorial.

I especially love the way she decorates her table with the gold trimmings. It’s absolutely stunning. The good news is that it was cheap and easy…imagine that!

Years ago, I was one of those people who went out and spent way too much money on decorating, but I have come around to a smarter way to spend my money.

Heck, this year I put up a small tree, along with a larger one, and went to the dollar store and bought poinsettias and Christmas balls to decorate the small one…you’d never guess it though!

Watch all the cool things this gal with Tips & Tricks does in her step by step tutorial…I guarantee you’ll get some amazing ideas!

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