She Shows Us Some Incredible Gift Wrapping Tips I’ll Bet You Didn’t Know About!

Ready to wrap a million presents in a couple of hours? It may seem pretty daunting when you have large piles of gifts to wrap and not much time to do it, but these gift wrapping tips will show you how to wrap a gift in amazing ways you never thought of.

I’m always thinking I’ve cut a piece of paper plenty long enough to go around the present, when it never fails that I end up coming up short, or, before the paper runs out, I’m just a tad short and don’t want to have to piece it together. Well, this gal actually has the perfect solution for that and, honestly, it would have never occurred to me to do what she does!

I also got excited about the gift bag she makes out of wrapping paper! This is so genius! You’re gonna have to see this to believe it. I’ve been around for a number of years and have never seen anyone do this!

Gift wrapping is definitely not my forte and it’s a drudgery every single year when Christmas rolls around. I’m open to any tips that will save me time and frustration, aren’t you?

My little granddaughter is always excited about helping my daughter wrap their presents and she hounds her and hounds her to wrap presents. I told my daughter to send her to my house! I don’t care if they look perfect or not…as long as they have paper on them!

Watch how But First, Coffee cleverly wraps her presents in her step by step tutorial and make your life easier!


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