She Shows Us Some Super Budget Friendly Decor Ideas From The Dollar Store!

Do It On Dime has some easy home decor ideas all from the Dollar Store. So, if you find that you are needing to start over in a new place of your own, or you’ve moved into a home that has more space than your last place and your budget won’t allow for a lot of extras, this is a great route to go! Nobody would ever guess that these things came from the dollar store!

You may just be tired of some of your decor and want to change it up a bit. There are so many great DIY projects available to us and there’s no reason to break the bank by decorating! Save your money for the bigger things that life can bring our way.

My oldest daughter just moved into her very first apartment and is on a shoestring budget, so we took some of these great ideas, and some others, and used them to decorate her place. It’s adorable and you’d never know that many of the things we decorated with came from the Dollar Store!

Instead of dropping our funds at the local craft store, we’ve taken to heading to the Dollar Store to load up on cheap materials. Because not all projects from the Dollar Store are clean, boxed projects, I’ve needed all the ideas I could get. As it turns out, the possibilities of what you can make, from goods at the Dollar Store, are limitless, as evidenced in this tutorial by Do It On A Dime and many other videos at our fingertips!

Watch what she does with the things she picks up at her dollar store so you can make some of them too!


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