She Shows Us Some Tips On How To Decorate A Stunning Christmas Tree!

Decorating for Christmas is something I look forward to all year long! I love the challenge of transforming the same space into a different kind of Christmas wonderland every year. This tree had a tight color palette, approachable elegance, and gorgeous ornaments.

Over my lifetime I’ve learned a thing or two about how to decorate a tree, and I am confident that whether your style is eclectic, farmhouse, or glam, obtaining a great look for your Christmas tree is doable! The DIY Mommy shares some tips with you on how to decorate your Christmas tree affordably and beautifully this season.

Up until last year, I was a live-tree snob. I LOVE the smell of a live Christmas tree. The smell of fresh greenery goes hand in hand with Christmas for me, and I just couldn’t imagine the holiday without it! However, something I didn’t know is that live trees are kind of a nightmare to decorate. After my gorgeous live tree toppled over in the middle of the night, and destroyed  most of my favorite ornaments, I lost some of my affinity for live trees.

Can you obtain a decorator’s look with a live tree? Absolutely. However, it will be much more difficult and your tree might fall over in the middle of the night due to the weight of the ornaments. Trust me on this one. Faux is the way to go!

Watch how The DIY Mommy decorates this tree in her step by step tutorial…she’s got some great tips!

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