She Shows Us The Most Effective Way to Clean Your Keurig. Watch!

I am a big coffee drinker and my Keurig works overtime on certain days of the week. It hadn’t really occurred to me that I needed to clean it until I ran across this tutorial. I had cleaned the tray, but I hadn’t done what she shows us to do.

In this post this gal will cover cleaning and descaling a Keurig Coffee Maker in depth. This will help you keep your Keurig operating correctly and keep it free of germs and mineral build up.

This all started when my dad came over, last week,  for coffee and asked me if I have ever cleaned my Keurig. It made me think…actually I have never cleaned it

I could not believe how easy it was. It is important to remove mineral deposits from your Keurig and I vowed to treat my Keurig better from this point on. I don’t want to get up one morning and discover that my coffee maker no longer works because I failed to take care of it. Keurig’s aren’t cheap!

She recommends using purified water to clean your Keurig and now I’m wondering if I shouldn’t be using this every time I make a cup of coffee. But then, if I start cleaning it regularly, then probably not.

Watch how A Simply Simple Life cleans her Keurig in her step by step tutorial.




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