Thursday, December 7

She Shows You How To Easily Make A Fancy Bed For Your Fur Baby. Watch!

Don’t want your dogs and cats to keep sleeping on the floor, but also don’t want them to keep hogging your covers at night? Well, now you can give your beloved pet a bed of their very own!

Handmade pet beds for small dogs are a great ideas for bringing more comfort into pet-friendly homes. Handmade pet beds can complement your home decor beautifully and make your four paws friend very happy.

I made a super fancy pet bed for my little Schnauzer and I started out by using an old drawer out of a dresser. I went to the hardware store and bought some wooden legs to attach to the bottom of the drawer and I got some taller ones for the posts I wanted to add to it so that it would look regal, like the one she makes in the attached tutorial.

I pretty much copied what she did, but I used pink fabric over the pillow I inserted in the drawer and made it real frilly and girly looking. My little gal loves her new bed!

Tracey, with Hometalk, will show you how to take a wine box, and some knobs, posts, and bits of wood from your local hardware store, and turn them into a fancy-looking bed for the special furry someone in your life. She’ll even give you some fantastic ideas for how to paint and decorate the bed, so your fur baby can sleep in comfort and style.

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