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She Shows You How To Get A Flat Tummy in Just 5 Mins (Watch!)

This tutorial is a popular one, with over 7M views! I guess there’s a bunch of us who want to know how to achieve a flat tummy!

Nobody loves ab exercises — but you want those rock hard abs, right? So there’s a really good chance that you’re probably doing them anyway! As many of us are plagued by a little extra around the middle, and while ab exercises can’t single handedly uncover 6-pack abs (but they’re in there somewhere, I promise), core workouts can improve your posture and balance, ward off back pain and build a base for tougher workouts down the road.

Check out these ab exercises that you’re probably not doing, and incorporate a few of them into your exercise routine. They can at least offer a change of routine. Mixing up your workout routine won’t only save you from boredom, but can also bring about the results you’re so desperately working towards.

I know that I always feel better when I’m on some type of workout routine, and with swimsuit season right around the corner, it’s a good time to get started doing these exercises, if you don’t have a regular exercise routine.

Even though I won’t be wearing a two piece swimsuit, I still want to keep a flat tummy and keep my stomach muscles activated so I won’t become flabby.

Watch how Joanna Soh does these exercises to bring about a flat tummy with strong abs. I say go for it! What do we have to lose? Well, a little flab, right?




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