She Spent A Lot Of Money On Candles Until She Saw These Simple Directions. Watch!

I love the shabby chic decorating style and find myself drawn to vintage china in thrift stores. A while ago I saw candles in shabby chic teacups and knew I wanted to make them myself.

I picked up a tea cup from a local antique store. When finding a tea cup make sure to look on the bottom – if it does not have a marking then you are good to go. If there is a marking make sure to google the name. I have tea cups ranging from 1880s to 1970s and they look somewhat similar but the value is not.

When looking for these teacups, check out goodwill or 2nd hand store for inexpensive ones. I raided the local thrift stores and finally found some great teacups. Don’t give up because they’re out there!

The gal in the tutorial doesn’t use anything to secure the candle wick, but it’s advisable to secure it. I use a wax made especially for candle making and it’s called Tacky Wax…it works great!

It’s actually really easy to make these soy candles — all you need is the supplies and a little bit of patience. These candles make wonderful gifts and can be customized to any person’s taste. Not into shabby chic? Why not make a candle out of a coffee cup with a fun saying?

Here is the step-by-step how-to tutorial , by Vintage Bombshell, of how I made these fabulous soy candles in vintage teacups.

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