Thursday, November 30

She Spray Paints A Mason Jar Black And You Will Love What She Does Next. Watch!

I have a lot of stuff. And by stuff I mean things that really need little homes of their own that take up my space. That’s why I love decorative bowls, cups, plates and boxes that make me look organized, and therefore, put together.

I found this tutorial for these awesomely beautiful, yet still classy glitter-dipped mason jars, and I want to pass on this little gem to you peeps. We can declutter and add glitter! Which makes everything better. Are you ready to get fancy and dress up any occasion with these stylish and classic mason jars?

I love how festive and sparkly these mason jars are dipped in glitter! Perfect for any party, shower or sparkly wedding! Use just as decoration, add a candle, or use it as a vase! Give as a hostess gift, teacher gift, or decorate your table setting with this beautiful display of glittery fun.

These decorated jars are a must have for any home. The jars can be used to hold makeup brushes, toothbrushes, eye pencils and more!

So, just follow these steps to make your own, then your life will suddenly become less stressful and more enjoyable! Watch how Nina Gonzales makes these in her step by step tutorial.

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