She Stacks And Glues Dollar Store Items In A Diagonal Design. When She’s Finished You’ll Be Shocked By What She Used!

I was stunned when I ran across this tutorial. I could have sworn she uses mirrors in this DIY project, but to my surprise they weren’t mirrors at all!

I felt like I had been tricked when I found out what they really were. I couldn’t believe these looked so much like mirrors and what made it even better was that they come 8 to a package for only $1 at the Dollar Store!

This is a wonderful idea for adding something fabulous to your blank walls, rather than spend a fortune on a piece of art. This definitely gives the illusion of being mirrored wall art and that’s what makes this project even better!

You can figure out what design you want to use, fire up your glue gun and you’ll have your masterpiece in no time at all! I love projects like this…the ones that look incredibly rich and expensive when they cost a big total of $2-$3! Although, you don’t see things like this every day, so you’ll want to take advantage of this great idea!

I made one of these, to hang on the wall in my den, with 3 packets of these mirror looking coasters and I’m so pleased with how it turned out!

Watch how Green Crystal Rose does this phenomenal DIY project in her step by step tutorial.




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