She Stacks Two Clay Pots Upside-Down. Your Won’t Believe Your Eyes When You See Why!

This is the perfect decor for any beach house, or they look great in any garden or a porch, but you can certainly keep yours indoors. You can make these with any size pots to make a much smaller one for a mantelpiece, or start with a large pot and stack another four on top for an even bigger statement piece.

This is an easy, afternoon project to do with kids. Gather your supplies and create a clay pot lighthouse for your patio or garden. And, if you want to add a magical touch, add a real lamp to the top.

I found the perfect lantern at Ikea to use for this clay pot lighthouse. These cute yard decorations are so incredibly easy to make!

I’ve always loved seeing old lighthouses around the world; despite their uniform function and basic structure, they all look different. This lighthouse made from clay pots, however, is very traditional in its style. It’s a bright, bold and classic and I just love it! This fantastic garden addition is so much better than any gnome, and it’s both easy and affordable to make (most of you crafty or gardening people seem to have empty pots all over the place!).

And if you have a dear friend who is a lighthouse fanatic like me, why not make her one as gift?

The tutorial attached below will show you what you need and how to make it. Watch how Helene Kassen does this in her step by step tutorial. It’s a really fun way to make your own seaside souvenir.



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