She Stains This Wood And What She Does Next Will Leave You Wanting This For Your Home

There’s just something about using wood in my home decor that makes it feel cozier and more like a home. That is exactly what people say about my home, when they come to visit…that it feels cozy and warm.

I made some shutters and gave them that aged, distressed look, for a wall in my living room and I hung a large painting in the middle of the shutters. It looks amazing and has added so much charm to the room.

In this tutorial this gal makes a matching farmhouse window for a friend to hang in her home. I really love that idea, but I had the perfect painting to go in the center of my shutters so I went with that idea.

I may end up hanging the old window in the center, since I saw one posted on Pinterest with a wreath placed in the center of the window and really loved it.

Also, by adding shutters to an interior window is such a quick and inexpensive way to give a room character. She make these shutters for under $20 too! In my opinion, that’s really cheap window treatment, right?

Some people make individual shutters to hang on the wall with a mason jar filled with flowers attached to it and that’s also a lovely idea. So many ideas…never enough time!

Meanwhile, check out this step by step tutorial by the Daily DIYer and make yourself these great indoor shutters with a matching farmhouse window!




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